User multi-login

Dear customers,

Many users from your agencies share the same e-mail account for multiple logins for several airlines (mostly in places where there is more than one airline in the region using AeroCRS)

As a request from airlines and agencies and in order to ease the process of moving between systems (instead of logging out and in again), we are implementing a feature which will allow the user to move between accounts fast and reliably.

The move between users would be in case the same user have the same e-mail address defined in the account across airlines.

In preparation to this deployment, we kindly ask you to verify that each user have a unique e-mail address (even non-agency users - system users), so users will not see other user accounts.

Note - that if 2 users are sharing the same e-mail are able to "restore" the password of the other account, as password restore is a feature which goes by e-mail.
If you would like them not to be able to do so, you can just add +1 for the other e-mail, so user can have "" and another user can have "" (e-mail systems ignore the +X).

The deployment is scheduled for the 1/JAN/2018 (update from 01/SEP to allow sys admins to prepare), allowing you sufficient time to prepare for such a change.

If you have any questions on this development, please consult AeroCRS Support.


AeroCRS Team.


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