Split booking

In this article you will learn how to split booking in a PNR, and create automatic PNR.

Split booking feature not available in all packages. If you can't find Split booking icon, please contact your administrator

You want to split a booking when a group of few passengers under the same PNR flying together, and at least one of them is changing the flight time and / or destination. 

You can also split a booking based on the "Services" and take one or more services to a new booking with all the passengers from the original booking.

The split process takes the selected passengers / services and funds and transfer to a new PNR.

In order to issue a split booking, at first locate the relevant PNR, and get into the PNR screen.

Then, click on the split booking icon on the top right area of the PNR screen.
Note: The alert tells the PNR is ticketed and the system will cancel and re-ticket the PNR.

After you approve and confirm, system now redirect to the split booking screen.

In the screen, you can select "Services" or "Passengers" for the split action.

Select the passengers or the services to split and then the amount of money to transfer to the new PNR.
The amount will automatically be calculated based on your selection, yet you can change it if you would like.

Now you can see a new PNR screen.

  1. System create a new PNR
  2. The funds to transfer utilised as deposit in the new PNR. 
  3. Under the remarks area you can see and switch to the original PNR

The last step is to make the amendments in the new PNR the system created. (Don't know how to make amendments? Learn more)

  • Change dates
  • Change destinations
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