Create Circuit fares

In this article you will learn how to create connection flight between two different flights.

AeroCRS now has the option to show availability of 2 different flights in one search of AVL process.


  1. Flight 623 From WIL - PMB
  2. Flight UI7226 From PMB - MER

Passenger wants to fly from WIL - MER.
We set a through fare in the system to connect between both flights.

E.G: We have created a connection between those two flights:

In order to create the flights connections, first go to Marketing module -> through fares, click on add new button

In the through fares screen we set the information and pricing of the connection flight.

  • Set as Active
  • Write the through fare name. (Normally short codes of the destinations)
  • Select departure
  • Select 1st destination and leg class (Mandatory)
  • Select 2nd destination and leg class (Mandatory)
  • Select more destination is necessary.
  • Set the Sell period and flight period.
  • Set the date details:
    • Adult, Child, Infant fare
    • Tax 1, 2, 3, 4 fare

Now the flight will be visible in the AVL search for reservations.

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