In this article you will learn how to create website lists on AeroCRS system.

Website lists are the categories you create and allocate webpage pages to it.
For example: You can create a header menu, and include sub menu within the menu.

Website styling: Main website list.
The rest of the pages are webpages allocated to 'website styling' list.

In order to create a new website list, go to Website module -> Website lists, and click add new button.

In the lists popup write the details of the list:

  • Active: Activate or de-activate the website list.
  • Show on header: Select if you want to show the list on the navigation menu.
  • Order: Set the priority of the list in the navigation menu. (Lower number placed on the left, higher numbers placed on the right.)
  • Language: Select on with language the list will be displayed.
  • Internal name: Internal name of the list.
  • Web name: How the website visitors see the name of the list. (If shown on header)
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