Join an online session using

The following page instructs you on how to use, our software for sharing, online meetings, online webinar etc.
The software is very easy to use and to install (takes about 1 minute).

  1. Go to the following page (according to your operating system), download the software and install it:
    1. Windows
    2. Mac
    3. iOS
    4. Android
  2. After installation, look for the icon. Click it to launch the app
  3. You should see a screen like the following image, look for the “JOIN” section and write “aerocrsroom” or if you have gotten a specific 9 digit room assignment
  4. Click the green join button.
  5. If the meeting is protected, you might need to knock to join, so write your name and “Knock”, we will let you in..
  6. You should be seeing the presenter screen now.
  7. To connect the VOIP make sure your microphone and speakers are connected or they are on and enabled and click the green headset, on the window which opens click “Call via internet” and click “Connect”, this should connect you to the presenter.


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