Types of Website Clips

In this article you will learn about the types of website clips on AeroCRS.

AeroCRS has 22 types of clips which can be edited and be placed in specific areas on your website.

    1. Account top banner
    2. Bank transfer instructions
    3. Booking information
    4. Checkin Banner
    5. Confirmation banner
    6. Contact us form banner
    7. Contact us side banner
    8. Content page footer banner
    9. Content page top banner
    10. Content page under search banner
    11. Flight no result banner
    12. Frequent Flyer confirmation banner
    13. General footer banner
    14. Header banner
    15. Hold booking
    16. Home page banner
    17. Home page fader
    18. Home page slider
    19. Itinerary additional-top banner
    20. Itinerary cancellation policy
    21. Itinerary payment notification
    22. Mobile home page
    23. Personal Header
    24. Registration Banner
    25. Registration Popup Banner
    26. Special payment banner (within terminal setup)
    27. Extra Page Banner

Account top banner

Account top banner shows only in the 'My account' page, The width of the banner can fit 100% of the page.

Bank transfer instructions

Bank transfer instructions clip will appear in the bank transfer page, fill this clip with instructions.

Screen shot will be provided soon.

Booking information

Booking information banner shows only on the booking information internal page, after the customer has booked the flight.

Checkin Banner

This banner appears on checkin page and should contain the company checkin rules

Confirmation banner

The confirmation banner shows after a booking is made and confirmed.

Contact us form banner

Contact us form banner displayed in the 'thank you' page once the contact form is submitted.

Contact us side banner

The contact us side banner shows only on pages which has been selected as contact us pages.

Content page footer banner

Content page footer banner is displaying every internal page of the website. It's located at the bottom of the page.

Content page top banner

The content page top banner shows below the menu on every page of the website.

Content page under search banner

Content page under search banner shows bellow the search engine of any internal page (not home page).

Flight no result banner

Flight no results banner shows if the search returned with no results. You can consider to promote promotional offers for the customer.

Frequent Flyer confirmation banner

Frequent Flyer confirmation banner is displayed after the customer send the frequent flyer form from the website. You can use dynamic parameters to show in the content: [FFNumber] - Write the new customer's frequent flyer id.

General footer banner

The general footer banner shows at the bottom of each page of the website.

Header banner

Shows above the menu bar, next to the logo:

Hold booking

Hold booking banner shows within the 'Hold my booking' tab at the payment process in the website.

Home page banner

The home page banner shows on the homepage below the internet booking engine. You can use the full width of the page for the banner.
Also, you can create more than 1 banner, and change the order appearance according to the Order option in the website clip window.

Home page fader

The home page fader is the home page images gallery, with a fade effect of transition between the images.

Home page slider

The home page slider is the home page images gallery with a transition of slide between the images.

Itinerary aditional-top banner

The itinerary additional top banner located in the itinerary page, when a customer is making a booking on the website.

Itinerary cancellation policy

In order the view the Itinerary cancellation policy banner, first click on the cancellation policy link bellow additional details:

In the Itinerary cancellation policy popup, you can see the content of the banner you have created.

Itinerary payment notification

The Itinerary payment notification banner located in the itinerary page, above the payment options.

Mobile home page

Mobile homepage banner is showing only when visiting the website from mobile devices.

Personal Header


Registration Banner

This banner appears on registration page and serve to explain the usage of the company name field.

Registration Popup Banner

This banner appears on registration popup and serve to explain the usage of the company name field.

Special payment banner (within terminal setup)

Screen shot will be provided soon.


Extra Page Banner

This banner will appear on the top of the extra page:


NOTE: You might not have permissions to see the report for user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for a report.
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