Change Website Settings

In this article you will learn how change and edit the website main settings.

In order to access the website settings, go to Website module -> Website clips 2.0 sub-module, and click the settings icon.

In the settings popup you can change the setting which are relevant for you.

  1. Main details
  2. Additional settings
  3. Social settings
  4. Discount setting

Main details

Set the main details and settings of the website:

  • Company code: Company code is used for login in, which users will be redirected on login.
  • Default language: Select the primary language of the website from the drop down menu. (Don't know how to create another language? Learn more.)
  • Default currency: Set the basic currency the website display. (Don't know how to add another currency? Learn more.)
  • Home URL: The website default homepage URL.
  • Booking engine URL: In case AeroCRS doesn't host the website CMS only.
  • Default meta title: Write up to 60 characters with relevant details about the homepage. The title will display on the browser and search results of Google.
  • Default meta description: Write up to 140 characters with relevant short description about the homepage. The description will be shown on Google's search results.
  • Default meta keywords: Write relevant keywords about the homepage, separated by commas. Help Google to understand the content better.

Additional settings

  • Logo URL: Copy+Paste the logo URL from the storage to display the logo on the desktop website.
  • Mobile logo URL: Copy+Paste the logo URL from the storage to display the logo on the mobile website.
  • Customer login: Tick the check-box the show the customer login option.
  • Agency login: Tick the check-box the show the agency web login option.
  • CRS login: Tick the check-box the show the CRS login option.
  • Show home link: Show the home link on the website menu.
  • Show extras page: Show the extra page in the booking process.
  • Sign policy hover: When this check-box is checked the customer will be requested to review the policy (In website clips 2.0) and only after scrolling down all the way, he will be able to continue.
  • Mobile search default: The mobile homepage will be the search engine.

Social settings

AeroCRS supports login with social networks, and the use of advanced external services such as Captcha and Google Tag Manager.

  • Show social login: Select either to show or hide the social login option. If you show the social login buttons, the settings must be working.
  • Google client ID: The data from Google to enable Google login. (Please consult us to enable this option.)
  • Facebook customer ID: The data from Facebook to enable Facebook login. (Please consult us to enable this option.)
  • Captcha secret: A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human.
  • Google Tag Manager: A container script that helps update external codes on the website without access to the code.

Discount setting

AeroCRS has the option to use coupons on the website. 

  • Show coupon / Affiliate: Either you enable or disable the option for coupons.
  • Price value: Should be 1 for no discount. If you want to give 5% discount, write 0.95.
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