Issue Booking Certificate

In this article you will learn how to create and sell booking certificate on AeroCRS. Booking certificate also known as gift certificate.

In order to issue a booking certificate for a customer, first type 'New PNR' in the search engine

In the popup screen, write the name of the PNR and select either an agency or direct customer

In the PNR screen, click on the green BC button at the bottom

In the BC popup screen fill the booking certificate information

  • Cost: The value of the BC
  • Valid from - to: Date period for the BC
  • Max fare: The maximum fare to be covered by this certificate. Write 0 (Zero) to cover full fare. (Pricing is in USD)
  • Use in agent booking: Allow the gift certificate to be used in an agent booking.
  • Cover taxes: The gift certificate will cover taxes fees.
  • Max PAX: Enter the maximum number of passengers per the service of the gift certificate
  • From / to: Select specific route to apply the gift certificate on specific route only. (Not mandatory)
  • Class: Apply the gift certificate on specific class only. (Not mandatory)

Continue with the PNR as a normal booking process. (Follow the purple button) - Customers -> Payment -> Ticket

Certificate Code:

The booking certificate code will be displayed in the PNR screen. Print / send the code to the customer for future use.

How to trace a booking certificate in the system?

In order to trace a booking certificate using the certificate reference number, you can use the "BC" command in the search engine:

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