Make Amendments

In this article you will learn how to make amendments on an existing PNR.

In order to make an amendment on a ticketed PNR click on the amendment button of the service you would like to amend.

For example:
Customer would like to change the return ticket, instead on June 10th, June 12th

The system now alerts that there is an existing ticket, and the ticket will be cancelled, and a new one replace it.

In case there are funds to add because of either amendment fees or change pricing with the new flight, the system also alert what is the price difference for the customer

The availability box now popup again to search and change the flight information. (Changed from 10/06/2015 -> 12/06/2015)

Select the new class for the relevant flight you would like to book for the customer and click book.

Because there are more funds to add, the system cannot ticket the PNR automatically, until we make payment for the PNR. (If there is not payment needed, the system ticket the PNR automatically)

Now, we have another service on the PNR for the amendment fees.

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