Creating Via Flight

In this article you will learn how to create a From - Via - To flight on AeroCRS system.

Via flights are flights which has one via flight.
In order to create VIA flight, go to Operation module -> Flight series 2

Click on Add new button

In the popup screen, we fill the details about our new flight series.

  • Set active button
  • Show on web: If you want the flight to be visible on website
  • Show to agents: If you want the flight to be visible to agents
  • FLT#: Write the flight number
  • S/L: Write the service load for the flight. (Total seats available for the flight)
  • Start date and end date for the series.
  • Flight type: Select From-Via
  • Set the weekdays the flight is operating
  • Set the classes available for the flight. (Up to 9 classes).
    NOTE: It's important to select each class in all 3 leg options: From-to, From-Via, Via-to.
  • Select rules from drop-down menu. (Don't know how to create rules? Learn more.)
  • Select overlapping flight if applicable. (Not sure about overlapping flights? Learn more.)


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