Destinations sub-module

Destinations sub-module contains the list of flight destinations and their related operational details. The destinations are selected either as 'from'‚ 'via'‚ or 'to' destinations on scheduled and charter flights. The destinations sub-module is must be filled in order to show results in AVL screen

Father Destination: Use the father destination only if that destination has several strips within it.

LAT / LONG: Use this website to define the right Lat and Long for that destination. 

CRS Availability: You can manage the position (order) and color of the destination in the drop-down option in AVL search box. If the show check-box is not ticked‚ the destination won't be published and AVL search box.

Actions can be preformed on this sub-module :
New Click on New to create a new record.
View Click on a record to view the record.
Filter Filter the results on this screen and create a customized report.

Field Description

NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for permission in this screen
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