Multi leg specific leg restriction

In this article we will cover how to restrict quantity in a specific leg within a flight.

From the flight screen for a specific flight

  1. Go in to a specific flight screen by searching the flight in the "Seat control" or using the search engine.
  2. Click on the leg you want to restrict in the LEG window.
  3. Write the number of seats you want for this leg
  4. Click SAVE
  5. On the flight screen you will see the restriction you have created in red.
  6. To remove the restriction, follow the same procedure and check the "Remove restriction" check box and SAVE.

From the flight series screen for a series of flights

  1. Select the flight series you wish to update
  2. Select the flights you want to update with a restriction
  3. On the action pane, select "Update/Insert restriction"
  4. Select a leg you wish to update and write the QTY of seats.
  5. Click "Take action"
  6. To remove a restriction
    1. Select the flights on the left side
    2. Select "Remove restriction" on the action pane.
    3. Select the leg you wish to remove the restriction from
    4. Click "Take action"
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