LDS/API clients and connectivity types

In this article we will review the options to activate LDS / API for your airline, so you will be able to sell on the LDS/API integrator. 

There are several types of connectivity to your systems:

  1. CRS Users – Users from your own company which log-in to the system to make bookings for direct customers or on behalf of agencies.
  2. CRS Agent users – Users from agencies which log-in to the system to make bookings on behalf of their agencies.
  3. Agent Web users – Users from agencies which log-in to the website to make bookings on behalf of their agencies.
  4. API connection – An application connectivity which connects one computer system to another, this means that a system of another company will be able to connect to AeroCRS using a computer interface, this allows the users of the system in the other company to book your inventory using their own system, while they don't need to log-in to the CRS by the methods mentioned above.
  5. AeroCRS Travel customer – An application provided by AeroCRS to travel websites so they will be able to show your inventory and book it, while they don't need to invest anything, as we do everything.

For the API connection there are 4 types of implementations:

  1. Direct access to you – The Company implementing the API will be able to book your inventory, you will need to open them with a permission and give them credit limit so they can ticket bookings, in such a case the company needs to open an account with each and every airline.
  2. Referral only mode – The company implementing the API will only refer customers to your website, where customers will be able to finalize the booking and make payment directly to you.
  3. AeroCRS BSP – the Company implementing the API does not want to open an account which each and every airline, therefor they pay AeroCRS a deposit, which we then transfer the money to you.  A commission of $2 per segment will be taken out of the payment to handle this operation at AeroCRS and bank transfer fees will be also taken out on your side. Airlines who wishes not to be a part of AeroCRS BSP can request to opt-out, kindly contact us.
  4. 3G Directpay xPAY – The Company implementing the API will also implement 3G Directpay as part of their solution for payments, payments will either be redirected directly to your account at 3G Directpay or an xPay transaction will be done to transfer the funds, this is applicable to airlines using the 3G Directpay only.

You might be approached by an API implementing company or AeroCRS travel customer and you will be asked to activate this connectivity.

Follow this article to activate the LDS/API client:


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