Social tags on website

In this article we will review the option to add social icons within your website content, this social tags will turn into dynamic code which will enable your customers to do actions:

  • Facebook - Like and Share your corporate page 
  • Twitter - Follow your twitter account 
  • G+1 - Recommend your page on Google. 

The result will look like this: 

To implement the tags on your website content, it is very easy, you can choose to implement them all or only specific ones. 

  1. Select the place you wish to place the social share, you can put it in Website clips and content. 
  2. Make sure you put it in a table first (create a table in the editor)
  3. Write the following combinations:
    1. Facebook:
      Replace the highlighted text with your facebook / web url.

    2. Twitter:
      Replace the highlighted text with your twitter username.

    3. G+1:
      Replace the highlighted text with your desired URL
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