Create ancillary items and services

In this article you will learn how to create an ancillary service in the system and later creating it as a service in a PNR.

Ancillary services are added items/products that the airline can provide the customers e.g. excess baggage, sport equipment, meals etc.

Ancillaries will always be attached to a specific flight and a specific passenger, while we can adjust various limits on the ancillary type.

In order to create a new ancillary item in the system, we'll go first to the "Ancillary services" screen under "Marketing" module:

Next step in to create the ancillary item by clicking "New":


  • Name - Will appear in the PNR and system printouts.
  • Description - Will appear in the ancillary description for in web bookings.
  • Service dates - Flight dates applicable to this ancillary.
  • Quantity - Limit the QTY per flight or 0 for unlimited.
  • From-To & Class - Leave empty for no restriction.
  • Image - The image uploaded through "Website"->"Storage" to appear in web bookings.
  • PNL SSR Code - If you add this, those ancillaries will be sent in PNL as SSRs

Click on save, the window will refresh in order to proceed and create the ancillary items:

You can add as many ancillary items to a specific ancillary type, the restrictions (if any) are applied to the ancillary type only.

When done, ancillaries can be added to a PNR which must contains a flight and pax:

Steps for creating ancillary service in the PNR:

  1. Select a pax
  2. Select a flight
  3. Select ancillary type
  4. Select ancillary item
  5. Click on "save"

When done, a new service is created:

Note that you can add multiple ancillary services to a PNR up to the ancillary type qty restriction (if set) for a flight.

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