Translating the website

AeroCRS websites are fully translatable - your customers don't have to learn additional languages to get your services.

In order to begin the translation, first thing that should be done is the language creation - it's made in Website->Languages: 

In the dialog that pops up write the language name, language code and a flag code (according to ISO standard, language codes may be found here (639-1 code), and country codes - here (alpha-2 code)).

Afterwards, enter the Website Words submodule, and filter the words result by a language that you've created: 

There are two ways to make the translation itself: through the CRS interface and a batch translation in the CSV file.

In order to translate the words in the CRS interface, just click them one by one, and write the translation into the In Language field: 

The second, CSV way, is quicker for the full website translation.

In order to download the file, press the Special Export button (please make sure, that you've filtered the results by the language you need!):

It will download a CSV file to your computer. Open it in Excel, and input your

translations into the In Language column:

IMPORTANT: Please note, that in original CSV file that you downloaded all of the words and phrases were surrounded by quotes; if you use MS Excel to edit the file, there's a high probability that it will remove those quotes, that will lead to errors on importing it back to AeroCRS. Thus, make sure that all of the values that you enter in the "In Language (CHANGE)" column will be surrounded with double quotes. If you already did all of the translation without quotes, and want to add quotes in batch - please do the following: select the "In Language" column -> go to Format Cells option -> choose Custom category -> instead of the word General type \"@\" -> press OK

After you finished the translation, upload the file back to AeroCRS:

Voilà! Now you can choose your new language in the Languages bar on your website:

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