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Meir Hadassi June 19, 2011 Quick guides


1.       Login to the system

2.       In the search engine, write "AVL"

3.       In the screen that pop-up, select dates, and destinations, and click "Search Availability"

4.       In the screen you get notice:

a.       If the flight is checked as "V" it is available for booking

b.      If the box is green you can book one passenger (according to company policy, ask your representative if that applies to you)

c.       Select by marking the class you wish to book.

d.      Note for the Rules and Ticketing time limits after you select the class, they will appear.

e.      The system might ask you for client's accommodation or further details when needed according to company policy.

f.        If you just want to check prices, hover above the class and you will see a detailed pricing break down.

5.       Write a PNR name - this name will let you find this booking easily later, it can be your own agency reference.

6.       When you are done, click "BOOK"

7.       Click +PAX

8.       Enter passenger names and details in the pop-up screen

9.       Click +Payment

a.       Select "Voucher" in the payment option.

b.      Select your amount and exchange

c.       Write a voucher number according to your agency reference.

d.      Click "Save"

10.   Now you can select 2 options:

a.       Ticket the PNR and issue a ticket and an invoice

b.      "OK" the PNR and it will stay live and you seats will be kept until the TTL.
NOTE – if you are within the TTL the system will not let you OK the PNR without ticketing.

Basically – you are done! :)

You can print, e-mail the booking, add remarks, add accommodation etc.
Please refer to the manuals in this website for further assistance.

Meir Hadassi June 19, 2011 Manual / General

Enter you designated Company code, User name and password, click Submit.
After login was successful you should get the following screen:


§ Module name – The top most level of system, Select here to browse between modules

§ Action engine – The system main action and Search engine, type "?" and Press Enter for more details or go to Chapter 10, at "Search engine"

§ Content – The content relevant to the sub-module which you are in.

§ Links – Links to reports, dashboard and support.

§ User details – The user logged in to the system

§ Notification area – Notification area from Administrator

§ Sub-modules list – The sub-modules relevant to the module which you are in.

§ Actions – Refresh, Print, Add new and Filter

§ Filters – User created filters.

§ Paging – the list of pages to browse between.


Meir Hadassi June 19, 2011 Manual / CRM

The reservation screen holds all the information regarding the reservation, some of the information can be found directly on the screen, some with clicks or hovering above items.

Area name



Header with general data and action buttons


List of services within this PNR


Accounting – every PNR acts like an account of its own.


Ticketing time limit data and actions


Tickets list and actions

Customer / Agent information

Details of agent or customer related to the PNR


Passenger list


Remarks related to this PNR

E-mail Archive

E-mail storage


Buttons for actions regarding PNR content